Why 4X4Play?

The Face Behind 4X4Play

4X4 Play was first started by two Wanaka locals who realised New Zealand lacked quality accessories for all 4X4 requirements.

Adam Evans and Tristan Penrose started 4X4 Play with the purpose of offering high quality 4X4 Accessories, that are strong, durable and will stand the test of time for the terrain NZ offers.

Before starting 4X4 Play, Tristan and Adam came to the realisation that everything New Zealand offered were either cheap knock off's with a high price tag, or were actually mass produced and inexpensive imports with well known 4X4 brands names, branded on top.

4X4 Play is now a well known name in many circles, offering an array of products to suit all kinds of requirements.


Get in touch with Tristan or Adam for any of your 4X4 Accessory needs. They both have a wealth of knowledge and can help you with any question you may have.